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the god is
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compass is
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gift of
faith! . . .

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The God is My Guide Compass is a unique work of craftsmanship. At the position of true north we have added the word, GOD, for He is the best guide to our heavenly home. Indeed, the Lord will make our path straight if only we will acknowledge Him in all our ways (Proverbs 3:5-6).

The God is My Guide Compass works like a normal compass and fits nicely in a pocket or purse, but it is primarily designed to show as a beautiful display piece on a desk or shelf. It serves as a means to remember the Lord always and to keep our focus on Him--our Guide and True North.

The compass is a high quality, antique replica of an original compass trusted by mariners over the ages. The case is made of the finest solid brass; the compass face is covered by beveled glass. It is a little over two inches in diameter and comes with a wire display stand and a silk drawstring bag. Engraved on the reverse side is the inspirational scripture from Joshua 1:9.

The compass is a loving gift of faith and discipleship for those who place their trust in God, and is perfect for any occasion: birthday, baptism, confirmation, wedding, anniversary, Mother's and Father's day, etc. It is a keepsake that will be treasured from generation to generation. Over 18,000 of our compasses have purchased across the country.

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